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الثلاثاء، 27 مايو 2014

أجهزة أبل اخترق من قبل "أوليغ Pliss الذي عقد للحصول على فدية

One user wrote on Apple Support Forum, “I went to check my phone and there was a message on the screen (it’s still there) saying that my device(s) had been hacked by ‘Oleg Pliss’ and he/she/they demanded $100 USD/EUR (sent by paypal to lock404(at) to return them to me.“ The Locked Devices are prompting to send up to US$100 to a Paypal account of the suspected hacker in order to have them unlocked. But we urge our users not to send money to the given account, as PayPal spokesman confirmed that, ‘There’s no PayPal account linked to hacker email addr and any customer who has sent money will be refunded’

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