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السبت، 13 ديسمبر 2014

APK Permission Remover لازالة بعض الصلاحيات التى تتطلبها بعض التطبيقات والالعاب المتعلقة بخصوصياتك

Remove Permissions of the apk apps & games that you don't like 

APK Permission Remover (Pro) (Check out the App in Google Play)

APK Permission Remover is a super tool that lets you can remove permissions of APK files before installation (ROOT is NOT needed).
If you are concerning about sensitive permissions like automatically startup, sending SMS, reading contact data, you could use this tool to remove it before installation.
Compare to the free version, it has no ad, and provides an extra function that let us can remove sections in the manifest.

What's new in this Update : 8 - Dec - 2014

  • Added extSdCard support
  • fixed the bug of not showing permission correctly
  • Support Android 5.0

Compatible with Android : 2.2 +

Photos inside the App:

 APK Size: 327 Kb

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