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الأحد، 3 يناير 2016

Android 6.0 Marshmallow Beta - How to get, Root & dump | Odin Rom online !

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Attached is a TWRP that works for me on 6.0.

Also, SuperSU v2.66 BETA was just released. It (finally) includes the deep sleep fix. I had originally hoped that was a 5.1 fluke, but as it's still not fixed in this 6.0 beta, the ZIP installs a fix itself (in systemless mode only). Additionally, some more policies for Samsung 6.0 were patched that are likely to fix some issues with some root apps and commands. If you are rooted, I advise updating to 2.66 on the MM beta. Note that to get these benefits you need to flash the ZIP - updating through APK is not sufficient.

Last but not least, the deepsleep issue and its solution have been known for a while. Every few posts that mention it, the credit for the fix changes. HomerSp found the cause and the 000000deepsleep script is originally mine. If you need to credit someone, HomerSp is the guy, not any of the wild array of names I've seen coming by.
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