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الاثنين، 6 يونيو 2016

*Dll File *TOT File(s/w File).

1.Download&Install LG Flash Tool.

2.Download&Install LG Mobile Driver.

3.Copy&Paste "MegaLock.dll" File Into C:/LG/LGFlashTool.

4.Open LG Flash Tool,Tick Select Manual Mode and Select Dll File &Tot File .
(eg: Download LG821 dll file&tot file

5.Press Download Button,Now Port1 Shows (COM41).

6.Connect Handset By Pressing Volume Up Key&Connect The Cable(you can see driver installation)
7.Goto Device Manager>Ports>Right Click On LGE Mobile USB Serial Port>Properties.
8.Select Port Settings>Advanced.

9.Change COM Port Number COM25 to COM41&click OK.

10.Now Start Flash.

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