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السبت، 22 نوفمبر 2014

ثيم Neon Colors اندرويد

ثيم اخر مخصص فقط لمستخدمي روم السيانوجين مود
Neon Colors
ستغير كل شئ على واجهة جهازك

Neon Colors Theme CM11/AOKP v4.37 APK

Theme that is made only for Cyanogenmod

Neon Colors Theme CM11/AOKP APK

From 4.0v onwards This Theme Only Supports new Theme Chooser Roms
CM11 and AOKP,AOSP roms Theme

This theme is NOT for Stock Roms That Comes With your Device. This theme for for devices that are ROOTED and running a CUSTOM ROM that supports theme chooser Like CM11,PA,AOKP

What's new in this Update : 17 - Nov - 2014

  • Removed Chrome for now till i fix the issue
  • some user reported me issues on playstore reading the comment text
  • so rethemed playstore again do let me know its fixed or not

Compatible with Android : 4.0.3 +

Photos inside the App:

APK Size: 31 Mb

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