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الخميس، 4 ديسمبر 2014

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[MAC or WIN] SSH Into Your Phone While In DFU Mode!!!

If this has been posted already in the tuts section, go ahead and just delete it. I did a search for it but only found multipazz's guide which works for Mac only. This method is a little easier and works for both windows and mac.

Im sure alot of people have had their iphone crash on them and either got stuck in a boot loop or recovery loop. Most people have the cydia package af2cd installed on their phone and can use ifunbox or iphone explorer to get into their phone. And there is also usually a 30-60 second window where u can even use WinSCP to SSH into your phone as well. But i recently had a problem where i couldn't even get WinSCP to recognize my phone and i did not have af2cd to use ifunbox or iphone explorer. I have never backed up my phone and had alot of pictures, videos, contacts, important text messages and notepad notes that i refused to loose. After much of everyone telling me that it was impossible to retrieve the data on my phone and i would have to just restore and lose everything, i learned a neat little trick and i would like to share with everyone. 

This guide will show you how to access your phone via SSH while in DFU mode! This way you will never lose your data again!!! I hope this helps everyone and shoot me a thanks if you like it!!!

Big thanks to Camilo Rodrigues @Allpluscomputer, iPhone Dev Team, @planetbeing, Chronic-Dev, @posixninja, @pod2g, geohot and iH8sn0w who made this method possible!!! 

First i downloaded these two files


JRE-7-Windows-i586-iftw.exe (For those using windows platform not needed on mac)
You then need to install the JRE-7 file because in order for the program to work you need to have a 32-Bit JRE for Windows. On Mac OSX, you can skip this whole step.

Once JRE-7 file is installed, then you need to open ssh_rd_rev03b.jar file that you downloaded earlier. Upon opening it, it will ask you to connect a device in DFU mode. Plug your iPhone in and put it in DFU mode. Once successfully in DFU mode, the .jar program will do the rest. Let it complete its process until it says "success" and you see the login and password at the bottom.

Now for the next step, you can use terminal for mac or for windows, you should use Putty.

Open up the ssh client:
For Mac: u need to type in terminal ssh -p 2022 root@localhost and hit enter. it will prompt you for password... type "alpine" (without the " obviously).
Fow Windows: open Putty and connect to "localhost" and port "2022"
once connected it will prompt you for user name (type "root") and then it will prompt you for password (type "alpine").

Next you will type "" and hit enter. Let it do it's thing and if it was successful, you should see these two lines:

(For devices on iOS4)
Mounting dev/disk0s1 on /mnt1 .,
Mounting dev/disk0s2 on /mnt2 .,


(For devices on iOS5)
Mounting dev/disk0s1s1 on /mnt1 .,
Mounting dev/disk0s1s2 on /mnt2 .,

At this point, you can use cyberduck for Mac or WinSCP for Windows.

For Cyberduck you need to make a new SFTP connection to localhost, port 2022
For WinSCP you need to make a new SFTP connection to:
Host Name: Port Number: 2022 User Name: root Pass: alpine

Once connected, you would navigate to / and find the mnt1 and mnt2 folders.

Inside /mnt2/mobile/ you should find all your address book, pictures, notepad notes, SMS folder, etc. Just copy them to your desktop.

Inside /mnt1/Library/MobileSubstrate/ you will find your dynamic libraries which you can set all the .dylib extensions to .disabled (if you want to try and boot into your phone)

If you want to try to boot into your phone after disabling all of your mobilesubstrate addons, just hole the power button and home button on your phone until it restarts. It will most likely go into recovery mode, in which you will just open up TinyUmbrella or which ever program u prefer and kick it out of recovery. At that point you should be able to boot into your phone.

Here is a YouTube video showing how this works!

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